Offer user experiences in WooCommerce

Offer user experiences in WooCommerce

To offer your customers seamless shopping experience on your WordPress e-commerce website, you need to provide them with a more personalized approach. Maintaining an e-commerce site in a way that customers find it easy and effective to shop is one of the primary aims of webmasters. Customer service and review are two critical aspects of successful business and with more customized set-up, you can attain the same.

To make it more user-friendly, webmaster offer related products section on their product websites. While it is an effective way to offer your customers more choices to buy and expand the cart volume, it can also result in confusion and customers leaving the website without buying anything. WooCommerce Remove Related Products allow you to ensure this does not happen to you.

WooCommerce Remove Related Products:

WooCommerce Remove Related Products plugin allows the webmaster to remove all related products from any product page as and when required. It can be made effective on single product pages of any WordPress e-commerce websites. It can be set and used as per the requirement of the store.

How to set WooCommerce Remove Related Products Plugin?

Installing and using WooCommerce Remove Related Products plugin is very easy. You need to download and install the plugin. Once installed, the admin of the website has access to switch on or off the plugin.

Go to the settings page, and click ‘Remove Related Products’. Switch it on or off as per your website needs.

When you install the plugin, it will remove all the related products from the website pages by default. You need to set it according to your business needs. The plugin can be also set for each product page of the website. So keep related products on the page where you require them and switch off the plugin for pages where you don’t.

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